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8 Strategies For Creating Exponential Sales Growth


This System Is For You If You Have Asked Yourself Any Of The Following Questions:

… Why aren’t my salespeople converting more prospects?

… Why are my ads so ineffective?

… Why can’t I get create greater loyalty in my customers?

… I’ve been in business for 5, 10, 20 years – why isn’t that adding up to more sales?

… I get some referrals, we do a great job – how come I am not getting more?

… What can I do to get more business from my dealers and distributors?

… How can I quantify and track my advertising so I can eliminate  my least profitable ads?

… Why isn’t my company’s great customer service creating more sales?

… How do I generate a better return on my internet ads and direct mail pieces?


You’re beginning to “see the money.” You are starting see what I call the “Hidden Assets” or opportunities that are lying dormant in your business. Assets that once discovered and put to work will create a lot more sales and profits in your business. My 8 STEPS TO A LOT MORE SALES marketing and sales system will identify, quantify and multiply your greatest assets. It will also uncover, expose and with guidance, help you eliminate your “profit suckers”!  This system will “show you the money!”


Whether you are just getting started or been in business 10, 20 or even 50 years, your company has what I call “Hidden Marketing Assets” or sales opportunities. Through our discovery phase we will identify opportunities that can produce new sales and profits almost instantly while other opportunities will grow sales and profits exponentially over time.

“Hidden Marketing Assets” or sales opportunities in your business include:

  • Your current marketing and sales processes
  • Your current advertising
  • Your current, past and prospective customer base
  • You, your staff or partners expertise
  • Company performance
  • Untapped product usages
  • Useful and in-demand services
  • Company policies
  • Location
  • Website URL’s and content
  • Relationships with other businesses, etc.

Implementing the 8 STEPS TO MORE PROFITABLE SALES system will:

  1. Uncover and identify ALL of the “Hidden Marketing Assets” and opportunities that are currently lying dormant in your business. Bring them out into the light will create more sales and greater profits for your business.
  2. Systematize,  organize and teach you how to implement the 8 STEP system, enabling you to tap into and free up these hidden opportunities and create new sales – many of them instantly!
  3. Give you an exponential growth strategy that will grow your business in four ways simultaneously:
    1. Increase the number of prospective customers.
    2. Increase the conversion rate for turning prospective customers into buying customers.
    3. Increase the average spend of each customer and the number of times they come back creating a higher value or worth of each customer.
    4. Increase the number of referrals coming into your business from current and past customers as well as from your dealers, vendors and distributors
  4. Help you reach your growth and profit goals, quickly – guaranteed! Without spending any additional money on traditional advertising or marketing strategies.

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What are the 8 steps?

Step 1: USP – Unique Selling Proposition:  This is foundational and will allow you to achieve growth by DEMAND INNOVATION
Step 2: Integration of your USP into all of your current marketing processes
Step 3: Database marketing – including segmentation and identification of your greatest customers. Identifying the characteristics of what they buy and how often in order to create a tiered
Step 4: Alliance marketing – this step includes using your competition and other like minded businesses to help your business grow
Step 5: Media Marketing – including press releases, social media, blogging, and article writing
Step 6: Community Marketing – includes working within the community to create good will. What works and what doesn’t. How to create a tribe of followers that support your business due to your community involvement
Step 7: Direct Marketing – creating response driven lead generation advertising with trackable results including direct mail, adwords, landing pages, special offers etc
Step 8: Internet/Mobile/Social Media Marketing – Including web site review, creation, and implementation. Integration of all of the previous steps as well as trackable web based marketing strategies that work to create new sales opportunities