Loyalty Programs

Use Loyalty Strategies To Grow Your Sales


PERRKS-LogoMall & Shopping Center Loyalty program

The most powerful loyalty and reward program in the market specifically designed for multi-tenant Retailers such as Malls, Life-style Centers and Shopping Plazas.  This platform enables an amazing customer experience that begs the customer to ask “why we couldn’t have this before? “

Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

PERKKS Loyalty is a powerful loyalty and rewards program. It encompasses the best of all known loyalty programs to give you the ability to design campaigns that will keep your customers coming back again and again. Click here to learn about available features

Employee Incentive Rewards

Employee recognition is a fundamental practice that improves employee loyalty, employee performance and employee satisfaction.  Happy and better performing employees inherently result in improved customer satisfaction, reduction in recruitment cost and over all better business performance. The PERKKS Employee rewards program gives every business a versatile tool that help manage and improve employee recognition.