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Free “Special Reports”

Part of why the internet is so effective as a lead source is due to how easy it is to disseminate information. I would love to talk to you and start a relationship. You on the other hand have very little reason to do so unless … you have a need for an outside perspective and  if you do, it helps to have a worthy bribe.

Over the years I have collected a list of “Special Reports” addressing various business issues. My experience tells me that there are several of these reports that will be of the utmost value to you. I would like to offer you an ethical bribe.

Take a look at the list of “Special Reports” I have and see if there is anything that stirs your interest. In exchange for your name …  Learn More


Free Business Assessment

As a web-based marketing company, we believe in helping your businesses to be healthy by keeping to the essentials. One of these essentials is knowing where you are going and another is knowing where you shouldn’t be going. The way we do that is by offering a web-based financial dashboard and monthly coaching service. Our toolbox will help you to monitor cash flow, see important trends, and measure lines of business by mining this information from your accounting software and providing easy to read reports. What we provide is essentially “Cliff Notes” on your business.

Get A High Level View of Your Business

As a small business consultant, I find that the best view can sometimes be from 50,000 feet. At this height we can see patterns and connections that are very hard to see when your feet are on the ground.

One of the best tools I have for helping you is called a “Management Maturity Assessment”. This assessment … Learn More