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Part of why the internet is so effective as a lead source is due to how easy it is to disseminate information. I would love to talk to you and start a relationship. You on the other hand have very little reason to do so unless … you have a need for an outside perspective and if you do, it helps to have a worthy bribe.

Over the years I have collected a list of “Special Reports” addressing various business issues. My experience tells me that there are several of these reports that will be of the utmost value to you. I would like to offer you an ethical bribe.

Take a look at the list of “Special Reports” I have and see if there is anything that stirs your interest. In exchange for your name and email address I would like to share 2 or these reports with you. If you are felling especially comfortable with my offer and are willing to call me, I will gift you 1 additional report for a total of three.

Can we talk? I would love to know what you are stuck on so that I can help you become unstuck. I will not abuse your trust, but I do want to know what ales you and how I might be able to help. I know, if we spend 5 minutes on the phone, you will find my Socratic questioning process helpful and revealing.

What Do You Have To Loose?

I can usually uncover at least one if not several nuggets of opportunity that are lying dormant in your business in that brief call. Whatever insights, potential income opportunities or marketing ideas I discover with you on that call, I of course will share any and all of these with you FREE of charge.

What do you have to lose, share your info with me and I will do my best to WOW you into wanting more. I promise, I will never share, sell or in any other way abuse your information with any other company or individual for any reason.

Well, that should about do it. Here are the rules. Email or call me with your selection of 1, 2 or 3 reports from the list. Enter the report number in an email along with your name and phone number (optional). Email your choices to or better yet give me a call at (206) 730-8964. Whatever you choose, the reports are free and come with no strings attached. If you do call me, I will add to your report choices an additional FREE no obligation gift. Sound good?

Let’s Get Started, Choose Your Reports Here …

Report Number 001 BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: 21 Insider Consulting Secrets You’re NOT Supposed To Know.” (86 pages of the most revealing, proprietary consulting secrets on the subject of business consulting that exist anywhere).
Report Number 002 50 QUICK FIX MARKETING STRATEGIES: In this report we have taken fifty separate kinds of businesses and applied quick-fix marketing solutions to them.
Report Number 003 CLASSIFIED MAGIC: How To Make Your Small Ads Pay Off BIG! The Complete Guide To Classified Advertising… Everything You Need To Create Classified Ads That Generate Huge Results, Consistently
Report Number 004 USP: The Power of Unique Selling Propositions. Why Your USP Must Be #1 in Marketing
Report Number 005 HEADLINES Q&A: Questions From Students And Answers From A Copywriting Expert
Report Number 006 HOW TO UP YOUR PROFIT – IN A DOWN ECONOMY: 114 Tips, Techniques, and Tactics To Kick-Start Your Cash Flow, Boost Your Business, and Pile Up Your Profits — When Other Businesses Are Struggling Just To Survive!
Report Number 007 7 QUICK & EASY HEADLINE FORMULAS: Your Instant Reference Guide To Creating Dynamite, Attention-Getting Headlines!
Report Number 008 YELLOW PAGES SUCCESS SECRETS: How To Attract More New Business With A Riveting Ad That Captures Immediate Attention… Arouses Intense Interest… and Gets The Call Every Time!
Report Number 009 140 QUICK HEADLINE TIPS: Easy-To-Use Techniques, Tactics and Ideas For Creating Powerful, Riveting, Attention-Grabbing Headlines!
Report Number 010 79 BROCHURE TIPS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS: 79 Profit-Boosting Ideas, Tips, Tactics & Techniques To Help You Gain Maximum Marketing Value From Every Brochure!